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First lock gate installed in new IJmuiden sea lock

This week, the OpenIJ consortium successfully installed the first lock gate of the new IJmuiden sea lock. From the water, the gate was positioned in the gate recess on the seaward side with great precision. The excellent late summer weather at the start of the week made for ideal conditions to transport the gate.

The entire operation took 72 hours and was completed in stages. The 3000-metric-ton gate was first moved to the most southwesterly bollard in front of the seaward side of the lock. Next, the lock gate was turned 90 degrees using large winches and manoeuvred into the gate recess.

Connection to upper and lower roller carriage

After the gate had been manoeuvred into the correct position, the next phase saw the lock gate being sunk and connected to the upper roller carriage. This upper roller carriage is what makes the gate move. After that, the gate was sunk further and connected to the lower roller carriage, which allows the gate to run along a rail on the sill of the sea lock for opening and closing. The functioning of the gate will be tested over the coming months. Besides being the access gate to the sea lock, the gate will also be part of the future flood control structure, which is now one step closer to being completed.

Hollandia Infra was engaged by OpenIJ to build the upper and lower roller carriages that will be driving both lock gates. For more information see:

Upper roller carriages for new IJmuiden Sea Lock are ready
Upper roller carriage installation in new IJmuiden Sea Lock

For more information about the construction of the world’s largest sea lock? Please visit the Rijkswaterstaat website.