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Distinctive in Knowledge & Skills

At Hollandia Infra we enlarge the world little by little by pushing the boundaries of steel construction. We are driven to exceed the expectations of ourselves and our steel. We build bridges to shorten distances and with revolutionary defenses we protect our lowlands against the forces of nature. To build these essential structures, we rely on the expertise and knowledge that came from earlier generations. Which continues to develop because of our innovations and the growing needs of the end user. This way we built, together with our clients, on a new world of steel. 

Bridging to the future 

Continuous investments in the development of our people, technology and production facilities results in more knowledge and experience, this way we can provide durable solutions for the most unthinkable construction challenges. The future offers great prospects. Constructions become bigger and more imposing, at the same time conditions are more and more challenging. It pushes us to be innovative in all our disciplines: Design, engineering, projectmanagement, manufacturing, assembly, surface protection, transport, installation on site and testing & commissioning.

The nature of the projects that we realize requires taking a great deal of responsibility. On the one hand for our clients, through good contract- and cost control, but especially for all users of infrastructure projects, who should always be able to rely on the functioning of our constructions. Everyone at Hollandia Infra BV contributes to this:

Together we stand for the best possible outcome! 

In addition, there is a great responsibility for our environment. It is becoming increasingly urgent to reduce our energy- and material consumption so that we can pass on the planet in a healthy condition, to our children.

Cost and contractmanagement

Durable solutions

Constructive challenges

Our specialties

Moving steel; bridges, sluices and (flood) defenses 

Hollandia Infra is an authority in designing, fabricating and putting into production of complex hydraulic engineering. Considering cost- and risk management we build our bridges, sluices and flood defenses in strict conditioned manufacturing and preservation halls so we can transport big parts to the building site. Additionally our modern production facilities, situated next to an open water connection gives us the advantage in time and quality.

Machine works

Holland Infra constructs complex steel structures with integrated machine works. It concerns design, manufacture, assembly, testing and installation. Machine works are always more complex than you think, which is why completing machine works on the basis of knowledge and expertise results in a lot of added value. From start to finish, it is vital to make the right (design) decisions, also including integration in the full scope. We do this every day for new and existing machine works.


We help our clients realize their dreams. Our multidisciplinary project experience in many different market areas and the combined potential of steel constructions, heavy steel manufacturing en mechanical engineering make it possible to realize groundbreaking constructions.