Maeslant barrier / overhaul dock doors - Hollandia

Maeslant barrier / overhaul dock doors

To guarantee the function of the dock door for the next 15 years, it needs to be overhauled. To guarantee this and to determine the extent of degradation, RWS has chosen to inspect and overhaul the dock door.

Hollandia was involved in the realisation of the Maeslant barrier and subsequently the maintenance and various renovation projects on the Maeslant barrier. The last overhaul of a dock door in 2006 / 2007 was carried out by Hollandia. Due to our experience on the Maeslant barrier we are involved in the renovation of the dock door south.

The dock is one of the main parts of the storm surge barrier. The sector door is in the dock most of the time. Because of this, the shipping on the Nieuwe Waterweg is not obstructed. This has been one of the main starting points in the design of the storm surge barrier. The dock is a lockable basin, the shape of which corresponds to that of the retaining wall. The water level in the dock is completely adjustable. This makes the various functions of the dock possible.

The total weight is approximately 320 tonnes of steel and components. The maximum upward force under water is about 550 tonnes. So the dock door can float. In order to maintain sufficient pressure on the wheel sets, ballast compartments are present.

Inspection and overhaul of the dock door, on the southern half of the Maeslant barrier, will take place in 2016. Work on the dock door can start from 16 April and should be completed by 16 August.