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Sustainable business practices

Hollandia has been level 5 certified on the Dutch CO2 Performance Ladder as per handbook version 2.2 since 11 August 2014. We have meanwhile switched to version 3.0, which is the highest level! This just goes to show how serious we, as a company, are about our carbon emissions and that our organisation is geared towards reducing them. The certificate covers all Hollandia business units. The CO2 performance ladder is a tool that is intended to encourage companies taking part in tendering procedures to take carbon emissions into account in their operations and in the work they do on projects. It is mainly about energy savings, efficient material utilisation, and the use of energy from renewable sources.

The ladder is a specific result of the aim to provide one single clear and accessible set of sustainability tools and criteria for the awarding of contracts. It is used for mostly complex tendering procedures. The main idea is that the ladder rewards sustainability efforts, as a high score on the ladder earns a tendering company a specific advantage in the tendering process. For details of how Hollandia fulfils its obligations as part of its CO2 Performance Ladder certificate, please consult the documents below.


Every year, Hollandia calculates its carbon footprint. The results are available for download below. In 2014, Hollandia furthermore conducted two supply chain analyses. A supply chain analysis consists in calculating the carbon emissions associated with a certain product or service across the entire supply chain. Hollandia conducted such an analysis for the steel supply chain and the commuting supply chain. The CO2 Performance Ladder certificate is available for download below. The other documents are available on the CO2 Performance Ladder website of SKAO (Climate-Friendly Tendering and Business Practices Association).

Hollandia Holding CO2 Performance 2019
Hollandia Holding CO2 Performance 2018
CO2 Performance Ladder Level 5 certificate