Facilities - Hollandia



Krimpen aan den IJssel

Our main office in Krimpen aan den IJssel is strategically located, up- and offload of materials and constructions runs effortless because of its location along the rivers Nieuwe Maas and Hollandsche IJssel. The A15, A16 and A20 highways connect the city with the hinterland of Europe. Because of our location by deep water, vast constructions can be loaded using our private docks and roll-on/roll-off ramp. Our factory is close to the ports of Rotterdam and directly connected to the North Sea. This puts us ahead of the competition.

Our large site (130.00 m2) in Krimpen is equipped with different modern (high) production halls, the latest tools, laser and paint facilities, storage space, a fit out square and dock and offices.

Strategically located along rivers, port of Rotterdam and North Sea

Enormous factory 130,000 m2 with (large) production halls

Modern production facilities

Laser and paint facilities

Vast constructions can be pre-assembled and loaded


Sint Nicolaasga, Friesland


Because technical staff is scarce, Hollandia has its own training centre in Krimpen aan den IJssel, and students are trained on the job at the Heijningen site. It concerns pre-vocational secondary education students who, in close collaboration with the schools and Hollandia, receive practical and theoretic training to become a three-year process to become a construction fitter at BBL level 3.