Multi-year Maintenance of Storm-surge barriers (Meerjarige Onderhoud Stormvloedkeringen - MOS) - Hollandia
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Multi-year Maintenance of Storm-surge barriers (Meerjarige Onderhoud Stormvloedkeringen – MOS)

Since the 1st of April 2017, SHERPA MOS (a combination of Hollandia Services, CroonWolter&Dros and Arcadis) performs the multiyear maintenance of the Maeslantkering and Hartelkering.

The client, Rijkswaterstaat Program Project Maintenance (Programma Projecten Onderhoud – PPO), district West Netherlands South (West Nederland Zuid – WNZ), awarded SHERPA the contract with the aim of maintaining the aforementioned objects at a stable and high-quality level. If this objective is achieved, the contract can be extended twice by two years.

The Maeslant barrier is a well-known object for Hollandia, which has been involved with the Maeslant barrier since its construction and has manufactured and installed several parts.

The MOS contract consists of the following parts:
– Executing regular maintenance (PO) in the field of W (mechanical engineering), E (electrical) and C (civil);
– Resolving faults (CO) in the areas of W, E and C;
– Carrying out additional work/improvements to the defences arising from regular PO and/or CO maintenance;
– Participating in the Operational Team (OT) of RWS (this team comes into action when a certain water level is above NAP and the barriers may need to be closed).

SHERPA MOS successfully completed the first summer season and, after a successful operation closure of the barriers, started the winter season. During the winter season the barriers are in active position and close at a water level of approximately 2.70 m above sea level. RWS has now issued an additional order to SHERPA MOS to update some of the work instructions. The purpose of this is that the preparation and execution of regular maintenance can be carried out more effectively and of a higher quality. It also gives the failure probability manager the right input to guarantee the availability of the barriers/defences.