Major maintenance to cycle path Papendrecht bridge - Hollandia

Major maintenance to cycle path Papendrecht bridge

Hollandia Services, commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat, is renovating the cycle path of the Papendrecht bridge over the river Beneden Merwede. The parts of the cycle path to be replaced are situated along the arch bridge (length: 203 m) and the movable part of the bridge (length: 34 m). The renovation consists mainly of replacing the wooden deck and renovating the steel substructure including the handrails. An additional objective is to better protect the nearby main girder of the arch bridge against rainwater runoff and de-icing salts.

First of all, the team will dismantle the old cycle path near the bascule bridge and the arch bridge. The new segments, manufactured by Hollandia Services in cooperation with Hollandia Structures and J. Boonzaaijer Construction Company, are subsequently hoisted into place and assembled. The underlying structure is metallised and preserved so that it can be used again for decades. We are also applying an innovative wearing layer that makes rainwater leaks between the deck planks a thing of the past. This will further reduce the need for maintenance of the cycle path in the future. By carrying out the work mainly from the river, we limit disruption to road traffic.

In cooperation with the National Bridge Bank (Nationale Bruggenbank), we are looking for a new purpose for the ten-metre-long sections of the cycle path that will be released. Do you have an idea for a new application for these bridge sections or are you interested yourself? Then please contact us for more information. In this way Hollandia Services also contributes to the circular economy.