Lock IV Haghorst - Hollandia

Lock IV Haghorst

Commissioned by RWS-Istimewa, Hollandia Services executed improvement works on lock IV Haghorst. The monumental lock is located in the village of Haghorst, near Tilburg. It ensures the passage of shipping on the Wilhelmina Canal. The banjonet form with a wide chamber allows two ships to pass side by side.

Preliminary inspection
In preparation for the big job, a preliminary inspection must be carried out by deploying a diver. A preliminary investigation into the condition of the retaining unit and hydraulic measurements on the locks gates/doors will be done. To be able to conduct the maintenance work, the lock had to be drained. After it has been drained, various inspections can be done.

During the renovation work, the lock heads were drained using wooden retaining walls and an EPM liner. Subsequently, the four wooden lock gates/doors were lifted out of the lock and repaired at the Hollandia work site. During these repairs the doors were fitted with new timber seals, pivot bowls, bearings for the neck bracket construction and new seats for the gripping points of the door cylinders. The doors were then replaced.

The lock gate rotates on pivot pins, which were replaced together with the pivot bowls. These pivot pins were redesigned with a duplex pin and 3D glide bowl. The work on the lock’s upper head (east side) and lower head (west side) consists of masonry repairs and various minor works.

Activities of Hollandia in a row

  • GTI and inspection of the retaining facilities
  • Drying of both heads of locks
  • GTI of the walls of the heads and all rebates and inspection of rebates
  • GTI masonry of the heads of the locks
  • Repair of masonry of heads of lock
  • Design, delivery and assembly of new pivot pins and pots
  • Design, delivery and assembly of new seats for door cylinder hinge point
  • Replace wood front railing and vertical tarnish of 4 doors
  • Update drawings and create new drawings