The Emssperrwerk in Gandersum, Germany - Hollandia

The Emssperrwerk in Gandersum, Germany

The Emssperrwerk was built in the Eemsmonding at Gandersum on the north-western coast of Germany.
This storm surge barrier, with a total length of approx. 462 metres, has 7 flow-through openings. Hollandia designed and delivered the two openings in the fairway, the so-called HSÖ and BSÖ.

The storm surge barrier has both a retaining function with regard to the North Sea water and a regulating function to raise the water level in the Eems in connection with shipping with a large depth.

Hollandia designed, manufactured, transported and assembled the following steel and mechanical engineering structures for the ARGE Emssperrwerk Gandersum:
– the segment door in the passageway for seagoing vessels (HSÖ),
– the segment valve in the passage opening for inland vessels (BSÖ),
– Pump installations in pillars 1, 2 and 3.
The dimensions of the segment gate in the HSÖ passage are 60m x 18m x 4m (lxwxh) and the steel weight is 1760 tonnes.
The dimensions of the Segment door in the BSÖ passage are 50m x 8m x 4m (lxwxh) and the steel weight is 650 tons.
Hollandia carried out the work as a partner in the “ARGE Stahlwasserbau” with Stahlbau Lavis and Stahlbau Rolf Janssen as other partners.