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Maintenance Big Merwede Lock

Commissioned by the South Holland provincial authority, Hollandia Services took care of major maintenance on the Big Merwede Lock (Grote Merwedesluis) in Gorinchem. In a nutshell, the work consisted of large-scale renovation of the bridges, lock chamber, control building, landing stages and guard walls. The Grote Merwede Lock is located in the southern part of the city of Gorinchem. On the one hand, the lock connects the east and west of Gorinchem through two bridges, while also providing access to the city centre, which is located immediately east of the lock. On the other hand, the lock is an important passageway for ships navigating from the River Boven Merwede to the Merwede Canal and vice versa.


Major maintenance on the Merwede Lock was necessary to return the lock complex to an optimum state of repair and to ensure that the system is fully compliant again with current requirements and standards.

Hollandia Services’ main activities were the following:

• Repair work on the concrete components.
• Repair work on the brickwork.
• Designing, supplying, and installing the electro-mechanical drive system for the Korte Brug drawbridge.
• Designing, supplying, and installing the hydraulic drive system for the Hoge Brug bascule bridge.
• Repair work on four lock gates and two storm gates.
• Replacing pivot pins and pivot cups.
• Replacing the lock’s hydraulic system.
• Coating.
• Replacing electrical systems in the whole complex.
• Adjusting and renovating mechanical engineering systems in the whole complex.
• Work on the control building.
• Taking care of the CE marking process to acquire a CE mark for the client.
• Installing barriers and occupational safety provisions, including the design thereof.
• Additional work.