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Moveable structures in South Holland province

Hollandia Services has been contracted by Rijkswaterstaat for the maintenance and renovation of a large number of moveable structures in South Holland province Hollandia Services is partnering with Arcadis and Croonwolter&dros on this project. These three companies have pooled their complementary knowledge and experience in a joint venture called SHERPA Asset Management.

Of the eleven bridges and four locks that are all part of the main and secondary inland shipping and road network, the most prominent ones are the Van Brienenoord Bridge, the Spijkenisser Bridge, the Merwede Bridge for the A27 motorway, and the Haringvliet Bridge.

The total contract value for this three-year project is 7.5 million euros. What makes this contract special for this combination of contractors is the opportunity to apply risk-driven maintenance, which will also factor in future renovation and replacement work. The basic principle is to limit the client’s costs to what is necessary to reduce the risks of the structures to the maximum degree possible. This will subsequently have to improve availability and reliability.

Given the economic importance of the structures, Sherpa VOBO has an expert breakdown and contingency organisation at its disposal.