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Big words for our little long bridge (Lille Langebro)

The Lille Langebro bicycle and pedestrian bridge, which we built with Construction Combination
Mobilis | TBI and Hollandia Infra, has been nominated for the National Steel Construction Prize 2020. Unfortunately, we were not awarded, but we do not want to withhold this beautiful poetic description.

The bridge enjoys prestige in open and closed condition

“The Dutch effort on foreign waters, or let us say prestige, has already been honored more often. And here just as well. It concerns a double swing bridge, which when opened – as a water-rich view – enjoys just as much prestige as when closed – a resting point. The tubular cross-section resists torsion and the connection between both rotating parts is remarkable. The ingenious moment-fixed connection in the middle, hydraulically driven, leads to a slim result. The extra engineering power is clearly evident. Unfortunately, we no longer see the effort because it is concealed in arched steel. But the end result is presentable of high AA quality. ”

Source: Bouwen met Staal, trade magazine about the National Steel Construction Prize 2020.

More information

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