The route to personal success! - Hollandia

The route to personal success!

At Hollandia we are building a world of steel. Our colleagues contribute to this every day. With their professional knowledge, their skills and their personality. And we want to keep it that way for a long time. That is why we reflect on their development together with them several times a year. What can they do, what do they want and how are they going to get there? Together with Verbetervermogen, we have set up a special programme for this: the Personal Development Path (POP).


The PDP is a roadmap with which our colleagues can map out their development path, their route to personal success. The route helps them determine their ambition, goals and the knowledge and skills they still need to learn. This programme is for every employee: from mechanic to director.

Fixed contact moments

Fixed contact moments have been created to keep a finger on the pulse about the route. Assessment and progress interviews are held on a regular basis between the employee and the manager. The agreements made are recorded in our new assessment system.

Mid-April live!

Our managers are currently being trained to conduct optimal development interviews. The PDP and the new assessment system will go live in mid-April. This is a great step that will enable our employees to continuously build on themselves. We wish them lots of fun and success with learning and development!