Renovation of Boskoop lift bridge - Hollandia

Renovation of Boskoop lift bridge

Hollandia Services has started, in collaboration with the province of South Holland, with the execution of repair measures to make the lift towers of Hefbrug Boskoop safe again. The lift bridge over the Gouwe river was first used in 1936.

At the beginning of 2019, the province of South Holland discovered rust on the bridge. Changed use of the lift tower structure meant that reinforcement of the object was necessary. In combination with the deteriorated maintenance condition, the bridge would not be structurally safe.

Hollandia therefore worked on the reinforcement of the construction of the lift towers. In both towers an additional wind brace has been applied which provides stability in strong winds, and some connection points which were affected by rust have been repaired. The rusted parts of the cage ladders were also removed. Finally, the damage to the wearing layer on the bridge deck was repaired and the bridge was lubricated and cleaned.