Renovation of R.J. Cleveringsluises - Hollandia

Renovation of R.J. Cleveringsluises

The R.J. Cleveringsluis are sluices located west of Lauwersoog. The complex consists of three structures, two of which are on the territory of Friesland and the other of which is in Groningen. The drainage locks can be used to let in water to the Lauwers lake or to discharge it into the Wadden Sea. Hollandia Services renovated the locks on behalf of water board Noorderzijlvest.

The complex consists of three groups of sluices, each with four shafts. Each spout is equipped with two lift gates that regulate the water barrier. The project included the renovation of one spui shaft in the first spui complex. The emphasis was on renovation of the pedestrian and guide work of the lift gates. Additional work was also carried out on the civil engineering structure.

The work included renovating the mechanical components, idlers, guide rails and seals of the lift gates, carrying out various civil works and conserving the structure(s) with the associated work. In addition, the entire sluice pipe will be drained and cleaned before the work is carried out.