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Major refurbishment jetties Berth 2, 3 & 7 Dover

The ferry port in the British town of Dover is Europe’s busiest ferry port, with around 13 millions of passengers in cars, lorries, buses etc crossing the Channel to and from the mainland every year. The outdated jetties 2, 3 and 7 have been in use since the 1960’s and had to be renovated. These 3 “Berths” are similar double-deck jetties with a separate covered pedestrian bridge and are part of the so-called “Eastern Docks”. Hollandia carried out this renovation as the main contractor, while the port company had to remain fully operational on the other adjacent jetties. Hollandia UK did the day-to-day works on site including site management. Furthermore works like the dismantling of the pedestrian access ramps, renewal of cladding, installation of steelwork and painting of existing structures.


Major renovation

After an intensive preparation process with the client, Hollandia Infra carried out this multidisciplinary renovation work as the main contractor, while the port company had to remain fully operational on the other adjacent jetties. In broad terms, the scope was the execution of a complete steel, mechanical and electrical engineering renovation of the 3 double-deck construction facilities and the associated pedestrian bridges. This multidisciplinary work has been carried out in close collaboration with Hollandia UK (on-site execution) and Qualter Hall (electrical / hydraulic work).

Scope Hollandia

The activities for Hollandia generally include the disassembly, repair, blasting, preservation and, where necessary, replacement of the Ro-Ro installation. In addition, new, heavier overhead cranes were installed, for which the existing steel construction had to be significantly strengthened. In total this takes about 40,000 hours. Hollandia designed, manufactured and installed the new steel structures, deck sections and so-called “fingers” and driving flaps of the Ro / Ro scaffolding, including the dismantling and disposal of the parts to be replaced. At the Heijningen location, Hollandia Structures created new walkways “access ramps” and steel structures to strengthen the main steel structure. The existing crane girders will also be replaced due to this. the increase in lifting capacity from 10 to 25t.

Hollandia UK took care of the execution of the work at the construction site in Dover, consisting of overall construction site management, disassembly and assembly of, among other things, the pedestrian bridge, the replacement of plating, the assembly of new steel structures and the blasting of parts of the existing structures. Qualter Hall took care of the design, manufacture and operational delivery of the hydraulic and electrical installations with additional work.