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About us


Hollandia was established in 1928 as a subsidiary of Amsterdamse Ballast Maatschappij. P.J. Lubbers, CEO since 1930, took over the company in 1955, via a management buy-out. Since 1977 several take overs and mergers took place with Kloos Kinderdijk, Bailey Nieuw Lekkerland, ZNS-companies Fijnaart, Grimbergen Alphen aan den Rijn and Kalmar (Nelcon) Rotterdam. In 2005, Hollandia’s associate companies Bailey and Grimbergen came together with Hollandia under a single roof at the former Van der Giessen-De Noord site at Krimpen aan den IJssel. In 2008, Hollandia and ZNS fully integrated to form Hollandia, with its head office at Krimpen aan den IJssel and with a branch office at Heijningen in the south of the Netherlands.

In 2010, Hollandia decided to make structural changes. Business Units were formed, with the aim of having a bigger focus on the various markets, with short internal lines and a more efficient approach. The various Business Units continued as independent private limited companies (so-called BVs) on 1 January 2014. Hollandia became a strong alliance of multiple independently operating business units from Krimpen aan den IJssel and Heiningen.


To remain our competitive advantage we emphasize on ‘leadership’. We demonstrate this by exploring the undiscovered path. Not only do we offer day-to-day solutions, we also define answers for tomorrow’s challenges. An expertise team was set up at the start of 2014. This team consists of representatives from all departments. The team looks at the way in which (“HOW”) work must be carried out in the organization (“WHAT”). The Hollandia Infra Leiderschap School (HILS) started in 2015. The programme works on the developments of the leadership style (personal leadership) applied by Hollandia Infra. Behaviour, knowledge and skills play a major role in this.

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Key Values and Profiles

At Hollandia growth and development can never be at the expense of our shared values. For this reason we defined key values on a short- and long term basis. They encourage everybody to make the most out of themselves and each other. This way Hollandia remains successful in achieving ambitious targets. Improvement is a continuous area for attention at Hollandia. The entire organisation contributes to this and has its own responsibilities in that respect. Improvement requires a certain desirable, perceptible behaviour. We have linked this to five profiles. By incorporating these profiles in the entire process, we set ourselves apart with our knowledge and expertise! And that is what Hollandia stands for!

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A safe, healthy and sustainable world of steel

Hollandia is a socially aware organization, playing an active role in building a better world. By doing so, we contribute towards a more sustainable future. We carefully review short- and long term interests in which economical, environmental and social factors are considered in our decision making.

Hollandia aims for the right balance between people, planet and profit, to ensure the existence of our organization and wellbeing of our people and future generations.

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Value creation

Economical return on our activities have always been an important factor. However, the profitability of a project can not only be expressed in numbers.

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