Reconstruction Hoekse lijn - Hollandia

Reconstruction Hoekse lijn

Hollandia Services has been contracted to renovate the movable bridges in the centre of Vlaardingen and the centre of Maassluis in the extensive Hoekse Line Reconstruction Project.

The contractor combination Mobilis – VolkerRail has won the tender for the reconstruction of the Hoekse Lijn railway line and the realisation of seven metro stations. The municipality of Rotterdam awarded the combination the contract with a value of almost €72 million. The work must be completed by 15 February 2018 at the latest, with the focus of work being on the OTP period from April 2017 – September 2017. OTP stands for Conversion, Testing and Trial operation.

At the Vlaardingen drawbridge, the drive system will be renewed as well as the pivot points. A new pantograph construction will be delivered and the hammer towers, suspension rods and front bearings will be adjusted. Finally, the Vlaardingen drawbridge will be rebalanced.

The Maassluis swing bridge is getting a new lifting cylinder and lifting table, and the panama wheel is being replaced with a hydraulic cylinder. A new pantograph construction is being delivered and the hydraulic unit including the pipework is being replaced. Finally, the roof construction will be adjusted and the Maassluis swing bridge will be rebalanced.