N207-ZWR Gouda: Drawbridge over the Hollandsche IJssel - Hollandia

N207-ZWR Gouda: Drawbridge over the Hollandsche IJssel

The realisation of this movable drawbridge is part of the project “Zuidwestelijke Randweg N207, Bridge over the Hollandse IJssel and the connection road to Schoonhoven”. Hollandia carried out the work as a partner in the GG 207 construction consortium (consisting of the companies Van Hattum and Blankevoort, Boskalis, KWS Infra and Hollandia).

At the time of realisation the bridge was the largest drawbridge in the Netherlands.

The activities for Hollandia within this project concern the design, realisation, delivery ready for operation and 20 years maintenance of the electro-hydraulically driven steel bridge over the Hollandse IJssel. Based on sketches by the architect, Hollandia made a complete design of the bridge and the drive system. The bridge offers two lanes for road traffic, two lanes for bicycle traffic and a footpath. In addition to the design and realisation, the contract includes a 20-year maintenance period.