Den Ophef in Tilburg - Hollandia

Den Ophef in Tilburg

In the early morning of February 2023, the Hollandia Services team began dismantling Bridge Den Ophef in Tilburg. Despite the early hour, the work was closely monitored by interested residents of the adjacent apartment buildings.

In cooperation with crane company M.J. van Riel, the all-glass ballast house was carefully lifted out. This was a challenging lifting operation to ensure that the windows remained in one piece.

Then all parts were taken to different work locations: at our yard in Krimpen aan den IJssel, Hollandia Systems replaced the pivots of the balance belts with newly designed ones. The hydraulic cylinders were overhauled by Hydropack. Hollandia Services’ mechanics then fitted the cylinders with a cardan construction before they were replaced in a modified pivot chair. This seat had been machined on site by TEAM Inc. who also machined the pivot points on the ballast housing and balance belt supports.

Four months after dismantling, bridge Den Ophef in Tilburg was delivered on Friday, May 26. After replacing the suspension of the ballast house, adjusting the main pivot points and restoring the hydraulic drive, the bridge is operational again.

This special project took a lot of energy, but thanks to the hard work of the entire project team, the end result is impressive: a bridge that functions like new again and a satisfied client, the Municipality of Tilburg.