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“Hourglass” receives praise from the jury of the National Steel Construction Prize 2020

Our Radar Tower on the Maasvlakte has been nominated for the National Steel Construction Prize of 2020. Unfortunately, the “Zandlopert” (“Hourglass”), as Rotterdammers popularly call the Radar Tower, did not win, but we did receive praise from the jury:

A constricted ballerina at a standstill

“At first sight a strange device, which solitary gusts of wind on a lonely plain and height. But the shape is charming, like a constricted ballerina at a standstill. The material is robust, suitable for the environment. This radar tower fits everywhere, but belongs This ‘gesture’ is not a typical utility or industrial building and seems more like a work of art than one of the most important links in the shipping traffic of the port of Rotterdam.The steel construction and assembly makes many steel hearts beat faster. Client, architect, constructor and steel constructor, in this case contractor, deserve praise for guts. Nobody flies under the radar here and the project clearly signals that a beacon can also be an ornamental element. ”

Source: Bouwen met Staal, trade magazine about the National Steel Construction Prize 2020.

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