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Replacement of original movement mechanism Hollandsche IJsselkering

On behalf of Rijkswaterstaat, Hollandia Services is replacing the original movement work of the Hollandsche IJsselkering with brand new drivelines in the western lifting towers. On Wednesday, July 16, the 63-year-old cable drums were lifted out in spectacular fashion. Various media were present, including the AD. Marion Tusveld of Rijkswaterstaat and Ronald van den Berg of Hollandia Services explain what makes this renovation project so unique: Spectacular: thanks to this refurbishment, we will keep our feet dry for the next fifty years (only in Dutch).

The old cable drums were lifted from the lifting towers with the help of a 750 tonne crane from Mammoet. Quite a precision job to lift these 44-ton drums sideways out of the towers. For this we designed and built a special pallet hook with which we could slide the drums straight out and then lower them safely with a twist. The new cable drums and drives are ready for lifting next week.

Take a look at this video:

Photo: Frank de Roo