Renovation & conversion Nelson Mandela bridge Utrecht - Hollandia

Renovation & conversion Nelson Mandela bridge Utrecht

Hollandia Services has carried out a major renovation and conversion of the Nelson Mandela Bridge in Utrecht. This lift bridge has been widened by 7 meters on both sides. Partly because of this widening, the bridge is subject to bending and deformation in the event of temperature differences. To prevent rattling on the supports, 8 hydraulic supports have been added. These were designed by Hollandia Services and produced in collaboration with Hydroton Hydraulic System Technology and thoroughly tested in advance according to protocol.

Strong piece of hydraulic work

The operation is quite simple to explain: the hydraulic supports are placed at the points where the deformation is greatest. The hydraulic support follows the deformation of the bridge and continues to support it, so that no play can occur between the bridge deck and the support. This support also corrects the desired height after each bridge opening. All in all, this has become a great hydraulic product!

Photo: Hydraulic support with accumulator system placed under the bridge deck.