Major maintenance Wilhelmina bridge - Hollandia

Major maintenance Wilhelmina bridge

Currently, the Hollandia Services team is doing major maintenance on the Wilhelmina Bridge over the Rhine-Schie Canal in the Hoge Rijndijk located in Leiden. The work is being carried out on behalf of the Province of South Holland.

The 80-ton movable bridge halyard and the two balance belts (40 tons each) have already been lifted out and placed on a large pontoon. The parts will be transported by water to our yard in Krimpen aan den IJssel. Over a period of 10 weeks, the bridge deck will be renovated. In addition, various parts of the bridge such as the electrical installation, preservation and asphalt will be renewed. Repairs to the concrete structure and masonry will also take place.

Naturally, a bridge out of service causes inconvenience to (shipping) traffic, residents and business people in Leiden. But after this renovation, everyone can easily use this important traffic artery in the center of Leiden for another 12 years.