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Hoisting 4 gates into scour sluice at Reeve Lock complex

In the first week of July, the 4 gates for the scour sluice at the Reeve Lock complex were hoisted into place. The gates were transported from our yard in Krimpen to Zwartsluis by road. Given the difficult access to the building site for a traditional crane, the gates were hoisted into the scour sluice using a pontoon-mounted hydraulic crane. After completion of the lock for Recreatieschutsluisin april 2019 (recreational vessels) in April 2019 (which was part of phase 1 of the Isala Delta project), work started on the adjacent scour sluice (phase 2).


Immediately after installing the 4 gates, the 8 hydraulic cylinders will be placed on top vertically. The scour sluice will be put into operation and tested soon thereafter.
As soon as the Reeve Lock complex has been completed, the lock will take over the water-control function of the Roggebot Lock (Roggebotsluis), which is located 2km north. The Roggebot Lock will then be decommissioned and dismantled. This will create a wider passage that means that the bridge over the current lock will have to be replaced.

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