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Hollandia Services started major maintenance work on existing lock in Eefde

After an extensive preparatory process, Hollandia Services started major maintenance work on the existing lock in Eefde, for which Hollandia Services was contracted by the L2T consortium. Over the past year, the lock complex in Eefde has been extended through the addition of a second lock chamber. What makes this new lock chamber special is the use of a so-called  Tainter gate, which, together with the 2 tall mitre gates at the other end of the lock chamber, was built by our colleagues at Hollandia Infra. 

With the new lock now operational, the existing historic lock will undergo a full renovation. As part of this renovation, the mitre gates of the outer harbour, the lift gates, and the traverses of the top and bottom end were hoisted out. After dismantling and transport, these parts will be revised at our yard in Krimpen aan de IJssel. After revision, we will take care of reinstalling all these parts in Eefde.

Commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat, the L2T (Lock to Twente) contractor consortium made up of Mobilis TBI and Croonwolter&dros is responsible for both the building of the new lock and renovation of the existing historic lock.