Door Strikes for New Lock Terneuzen - Hollandia

Door Strikes for New Lock Terneuzen

For our client SASSEVAART, Hollandia Services supplies and assembles, among other things, the Super Duplex door stops for the 4 lock gates of the Nieuwe Sluis Terneuzen.

These stops form the wear-resistant and flat surface against the concrete walls on which the doors can seal the chute watertight. Mounting and setting the 12 mm thick plates over a width of 57 meters and a height of 22 meters within a tolerance of 2 mm flatness requires high quality of the supplied products. And of course also measuring accuracy and craftsmanship of our service technicians, led by foreman Bertus Blondel.

In good cooperation with our client and subcontractors, we are working towards the moment when water can be put in the outer head. This moment is an important part of the functioning of the lock. Much of the work we have done will then be submerged and will no longer be visible. Fortunately, we still have the photos!