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A mountain stage in the middle of Southwest Holland

A mountain stage in the middle of the Randstad (southwest Holland)

If it is up to Stichting Fietsklim (Bicylce Climb Foundation), you will no longer have to go to South Limburg or France to test your legs uphill, and from now on you can do that in South Holland. The Stichting Fietsklim consists of three cycling fanatics who started a citizens’ initiative to realize a challenging bicycle climb of 70 meters in the Randstad as well. She wants to realize this cycling climb in Zoetermeer, next to the SnowWorld ski slope. The infrastructure is extremely suitable for this; this place is located in the middle of the Randstad, there is already a (ski) mountain and at the top of the slopes is a panoramic terrace with a beautiful view. The municipality of Zoetermeer has now declared itself positive and now a number of companies have joined forces to think about the next phase – including the design and the feasibility study.

Full of passion

Steven Hauwaerts is one of the directors of the Fietsklim. “There is a lot of passion in this project to realize the Fietsklim”, he says. “Besides the fact that we would like to offer a sporting challenge for cyclists and hikers, we also see this project as a larger whole. We are going to build this climb on a flat part of the Netherlands. We are well aware that this can be decisive for the skyline of the Randstad (the area in the southwest of Holland), which is why we want to create a construction that fits well with the environment and that we can be proud of. the Fietsklim rides, I want to be able to say to my children “look, daddy realized that.” For that reason we also gathered passionate companies around us to make our dream come true. One of the parties that responded enthusiastically and quickly was Hollandia Infrastructure, they indicated that they are very happy to help build this special construction. ”

Just a few more stages to go and this boyhood dream becomes reality

Hollandia Infra actively participates in the preliminary phase of the realization of the Fietsklim. Alex Westendarp Knol, Commercial Manager at Hollandia Infra saw this crazy innovative idea and could not stay on the sidelines. “It suits us that in this phase we are allowed to contribute ideas about the manufacture, assembly and construction of the Fietsklim”, says Alex. “Based on this, a feasibility study is being made in collaboration with all stakeholders to actually realize the Fietsklim. This fits in seamlessly with our vision on collaboration and knowledge sharing! How wonderful it is not to have to cycle to South Limburg for a good climb in the future! ”

More information?

For more information about this project, visit the Fietsklim Zoetermeer website.