Shell biofuel plant - Hollandia

Shell biofuel plant

Shell is going to build a biofuel plant at the Shell Energy and Chemicals Park in Rotterdam, formerly known as the Pernis refinery. Once built, the facility will be one of the largest plants in Europe, producing 820,000 kilograms of biofuel annually from waste. Hollandia is also contributing to this project. With detailed calculations, we are ensuring that the designs are ready for fabrication. The plant is expected to be operational in 2024.

From waste, including used cooking oil, animal fat and other industrial and agricultural residues, low-carbon fuels such as renewable diesel are being produced. Shell wants to convert its refineries into energy and chemical parks. In doing so, the company aims to produce less of traditional fuels and more of low-carbon fuels. These low-carbon fuels will help meet the growing demand of the transportation sector.

Hollandia is one of the partners collaborating on the construction of one of the larger biofuel plants in Europe. Together with engineering firm Worley, they are working on the drawings. Worley is responsible for the main design of the building. They determine the appearance and placement of all components, such as the pipings. Hollandia takes care of the detailed calculations. This involves checking whether all designs actually fit and what dimensions are needed for various components. With that, we deliver a model ready for fabrication.

All parts are manufactured in China and transported to the Netherlands. No less than 2,000 tons of steel then sail across the world’s seas. The transport is divided into several modules, each carrying over 700 tons of steel. These modules look like huge buildings (see photo model).