Production of 5 pedestals - Hollandia

Production of 5 pedestals

Hollandia Systems has been commissioned to produce 5 pedestals. Hollandia Systems has already delivered 3 pedestals over the past year and last week number 4 was delivered, while they are currently working on number 5.

Functioning pedestal
The pedestal is installed on the deck of a ship and acts as a base for a motion compensated walkway to wind turbines and offshore platforms. With a height of 7.5 meters, the pedestal can be raised to 12.5 meters if necessary by means of a modular intermediate piece.

Pedestal towards conservation
The pedestal was successfully transported in scaffolding to the preservation hall. Here, at this time, the upper frame was already drying. After conserving both parts, they have 2 more weeks to install the toolbox, the upper frame, all grids and secondary steel. This is an essential stage to complete the project.

Load out 4th pedestal
The load out of the 4th pedestal took place with a slight delay due to storm Poly. On Wednesday, July 5th, the load out could not take place due to too strong winds, but on Thursday, July 6th, the weather conditions were favorable and Hollandia Systems, in cooperation with EBO Maritiemservice, successfully placed the pedestal on the pontoon for transport to the customer.

This pedestal has a total weight of 85,000 kg and despite the great weight and complexity of the construction, Hollandia Systems managed to complete this pedestal within an exceptionally short delivery time of 100 days.

With the load out successfully completed, the pedestal is ready to be transported to the customer.