PIG Launcher & Receiver Heads for Nordstream 2 - Hollandia

PIG Launcher & Receiver Heads for Nordstream 2

Commissioned by Allseas, Hollandia Systems has realised 7 PIG launcher and receiver heads for the Nord Stream 2 AG project (the 2nd pipeline connecting Europe to the Russian gas grid). These heads serve to clean the 2 pipelines of 1200 km before they are put into operation.

This is done as follows: The launcher head fires the ‘PIG’ under very high pressure. This PIG is slightly larger than the inner diameter of the pipe, which cleans and polishes the pipe. The PIG is then collected by the receiver head. Hollandia Systems manufactured these heads before for the Nord Stream 1 project. The PIG owes its name to the sound that is released when it is shot through the pipeline.