New Pedestrian Lifting Bridge - Londen (Canary Wharf) - Hollandia

New Pedestrian Lifting Bridge – Londen (Canary Wharf)

In the center of London, in the Canary Wharf business district, a new interchange station has been realized for subway. The construction of this Crossrail Station was one of the largest construction projects in Europe during the realization. Part of the project is the construction of a double bascule bridge for pedestrians. These bridges are an important pedestrian access route to Crossrail Station from North Quay.

Hollandia Infra has realized the design and delivery of this bridge for client Canary Wharf Contractors. The scope of work included the electro / hydraulic movement work, the fabrication of all bridge parts and the professional assembly for the double-deck pedestrian bridge. Interesting detail; The bridge is located right next to the Upper Bank Street lift bridge supplied and installed by Hollandia in 2013. Hollandia UK was responsible for the transport, assembly, railings and decorative panels of the bridge at the final location.

Two bridge decks for pedestrians

The bridge traps are positioned one above the other with the master cylinders in the RAM housing driving the top deck. The lower deck is driven by means of tension cylinders on the upper deck via steel cables. In this way both bridge decks can be opened simultaneously, but it is also possible to open only the lower deck in case of low ships. The bridge decks have an aluminum walking floor. The main steel construction is completely concealed with stainless steel and aluminum decorative panels (cladding) and equipped with lighting.

Transport & Assembly

Assembly works were carried out in densely populated urban areas on one of England’s largest construction projects at the time. Carrying out the work in the vicinity of and in close collaboration with major civil contracting parties other contractors from various other disciplines was therefore one of the biggest challenges on this project.