Millennium Wheel - The London Eye - Hollandia

Millennium Wheel – The London Eye

To commemorate the change of the millennium, a gigantic Ferris wheel was set up on the south bank of the Thames in London, symbolising the gradual progression of time and an “eye” on the new millennium. This Ferris wheel, with a diameter of 135 metres, is suspended over the Thames on a single support and is located in the Jubilee Gardens, in the centre of London. The Millennium Wheel “the London Eye” was manufactured, blasted and painted by Hollandia in Krimpen and shipped fully assembled to London. Hollandia UK installed and assembled the London Eye in 1999 at its final location on the Thames. Hollandia UK inspects and maintains the Ferris wheel every year. The London Eye was the largest Ferris wheel in the world when it opened.



As the main contractor, Hollandia designed, produced and installed this spectacular construction in close collaboration with various subcontractors within a period of 15 months. The order we received from the client was briefly as follows: The design, manufacture, conservation, assembly and operational delivery of the Ferris wheel “British Airways London Eye” (formerly known as “Millennium Wheel”). Since March 9, 2000, approximately 100,000 visitors a week enjoy this eye-catcher with a magnificent view of London and surrounding areas. With a diameter of 135 meters, this Ferris wheel hangs unilaterally over the Thames and stands on the south bank of the Thames, opposite the Westminster Palace.


Hollandia has won various prizes with the London Eye, including the National and European Steel Prize. This type of Ferris wheel was unique in its kind at the time of its realization.