Helideck hospital Cologne/Keulen - Hollandia

Helideck hospital Cologne/Keulen

Hollandia Structures made the steel structure for a helicopter platform on behalf of Bayards Aluminium Constructions. The largest frame had a diameter of 30 metres. Hollandia Industrial was given the task to install the enormous parts on top of the hospital in Cologne/Keulen. Due to the limited capacity of the crane, some parts were welded together on site.

The helideck has a purely functional construction, which is difficult to access for maintenance/inspection of the coating (collars out beyond the building). Besides, the surrounding installations on the roof are made of thermal-galvanised steel. Part of the construction (the “Übberrolschutz”, or low railing on the outside to prevent a helicopter from sliding off the platform) is provided with colour marking in connection with visibility for the helicopter.

The helideck in Cologne has been nominated for the Benelux Trophy for thermal galvanisation 2021. The steel structure competes in the category Laureate in Functional Galvanisation. The BTTG is a biennial architectural competition for projects using thermal galvanised steel.