Three bridges in Amsterdam - Hollandia

Three bridges in Amsterdam

Commissioned by the City of Amsterdam, Hollandia Services performed major maintenance work on three bridges in the Netherlands’ capital city: Kattensloot Bridge (Kattenslootbrug), Latjes Bridge (Latjesbrug), and the bridge over the Overtoom Lock (Overtoomsesluis). Both the electric systems and the electro-mechanical drive systems were replaced in their entirety. Our own specialists designed the new drive systems, and assembled and connected them to the new e-system. 

Remote controlled bridges

The work was done in an urban environment. The bridge over the Overtoom Lock and the Kattensloot Bridge are located in the western part of Amsterdam, while the Latjes Bridge is located in the eastern part. To minimise inconvenience for local residents and road users, and to prevent any damage to the area, much of the work was done from a platform on the water. What is unique about this project is that Hollandia Services has turned all three bridges into remote controlled bridges, meaning that the water authority, Waternet, can now open and close them remotely. The work started in October 2017 and was completed on schedule in February 2018. Despite the contract being awarded late, Hollandia Services managed to do the work completely to the City of Amsterdam’s requirements (within the time allocated for closure of the waterway).