Dantysk Offshore Transformer Station - Hollandia

Dantysk Offshore Transformer Station

The client will start construction of the Dan Tysk wind farm in the German economic zone in the North Sea in 2012.

The contract includes the turnkey delivery and installation of a 155/33 kV offshore transformer substation. This substation will be connected to the HVDC

The construction of the substation will take place in 2012-2013; commissioning is scheduled for 2013/2014. The wind farm will be located in the North Sea, about 70 kilometres west of the German island of Sylt. It will consist of 80 turbines (3.6 MW, 120 m rotor). The total capacity of the wind farm will be 288 megawatts (MW), which, assuming an average household of 2,500 kWh per year, will provide for the generation of renewable energy for 500,000 German households.