Berth 8 & 9 Port of Dover, Eastern Docks - Hollandia

Berth 8 & 9 Port of Dover, Eastern Docks

From 2002 until 2004 Hollandia UK carried out for Hollandia Infra, the Site management and Site Construction of the new Berth 8 & 9 , Eastern Docks, Port of Dover. Linkspan bridges and portal incl hydraulics were completely fabricated at Hollandia, including all hydraulical works, transported to site on seagoing barges, lifted in position using a floating sheerleg, assembled as “plug and play”.

Ro / Ro modernize and expand

As part of the modernization and expansion of the ro / ro facilities in Dover, the Dover Harbor Board has commissioned Edmund Nuttal Limited to create the new pier with 2 ro / ro jetties (Berth 8 and Berth 9) . It is a Design & Construct Contract.

Four portal dolphins

The pier consists of 26 bends of 4 tubular piles with a diameter of 1066 mm at a height of 8 meters. Each arch has two vertical and two 1: 3 aerial work platform posts. The pier head consists of a so-called rotating dolphin, made up of sheet piling and approximately 6000 m3 of concrete, about half of which have been placed under water. The four portal dolphins, recreated from sheet piling and concrete, form the foundation of the bridges’ supporting structures as well as the rear berth for the ferries. Each berth has 60 meter fabricated steel access to the upper and lower decks and a third pedestrian walkway. The bridges are hydraulically operated.

Scope Hollandia

Hollandia Infra designed, manufactured and supplied the 2 Ro / Ro mooring facilities and Hollandia UK installed them on site.
The Ro / Ro mooring facility consists of:

  • the lower deck
  • the upper deck
  • the pedestrian bridge
  • the lifting portal
  • the hydraulic drives
  • the lifting facilities for the fender beams