60-70 St Mary's Axe (Can of Ham) - Hollandia

60-70 St Mary’s Axe (Can of Ham)

Hollandia Structures was commissioned by Mace as part of the Joint Venture VBH (VictorBuyck/Hollandia) to construct the steel structure for the new building 60-70 St Mary’s Axe in London. Due to its parabolic shape, the building is known in the English press as “Can of Ham”. The scope for Hollandia Structures included approximately 1,225 tonnes of steel stairs, mostly composite plate girders and columns that follow the parabolic shape of the building.

The entire structure was also provided with a fire-retardant coating. The assembly was supervised by Hollandia Industrial. The 24-storey new building is a stone’s throw away from the project also carried out by VBH, the Swiss RE building (also known as ‘The Gherkin’).