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Flocculator-skid for Nijhuis Industries

Commissioned by Nijhuis Industries, we started manufacturing a Flocculator-skid for an Oil & Gas project in Finland. The Nijhuis Industries PFR (Plug Flow Reactor) flocculator is a pipe reactor, designed to process impurities in the wastewater into larger particles (coagulation-flocculation process) which subsequently are separated from the wastewater by flotation.For this purpose, chemicals are dosed into the flocculator; also aerated water is added to increase the buoyancy of the made particles. The wastewater flows through the flocculator while chemicals are automatically dosed. For chemicals; coagulant, neutralizers and flocculants can be used. Neutralizers are dosed to correct the pH to a set value in the HMI. Coagulant and neutralizer are dosed by Nijhuis CDU units and flocculant is dosed by Nijhuis FDU units.The flocculator is equipped with mixing pipes which ensure perfect mixing of chemicals and wastewater due to turbulence. This results in an optimal chemical dosing rate. After the flocculator, the water flows to the Nijhuis i-DAF system.ā€¯Usually Flocculators are made of HDPE (High Density Polyethyleen) but this one will be made of stainless steel, a Hollandia Systems specialty.