CSR - Hollandia

Corporate Social Responsibility

Hollandia is a socially conscious organization that wants to play an active role in building a better world. Therefore, Hollandia makes an active contribution to a sustainable future. Short- and long-term interests are carefully weighed, with economic, environmental and social considerations forming part of business decision-making. Hollandia strives for the right balance between people, planet and profit, for the survival of our organization and the well-being of our people and future generations.

Modern Slavery Act
Statement UK Modern Slavery Act 2023

Code of Conduct
Our company moves daily in a world of competition. As a result, we as an organization are strongly obliged to continuously improve our performance in order to maintain our competitive position. Hollandia is a reliable business partner, has a good reputation and acts accordingly. This is important for the continued success of the company. Our policy in this is that all actions in our work, in whatever position, require everyone in the organization to act with integrity so that neither you nor Hollandia are harmed. All Hollandia employees therefore work on the basis of ethical principles and apply the Code of Conduct.

At Hollandia, we want everyone to go home safe and sound at the end of the day. That is why we have developed a safety program. You can read more about it on our safety page.

Terms and conditions
Hollandia applies the general sales and delivery conditions for the technology industry. Read the terms and conditions here.