Horgan's Quay Cork City, Ireland - Hollandia

Horgan’s Quay Cork City, Ireland

Horgan’s Quay, Cork comprise a six acre mixed used development centred around the conservation of the site’s Industrial heritage. The site falls under the Cork City development plan 2015-2021 and is expected to form the hub of the next stage of the city’s growth The Horgan’s Quay site’s rich history dates back to the 1800s when the Great Southern & Western Railway Station first opened there. The 6 acre site at Horgan’s Quay has a rich history with a unique river front setting. What were disused railway lands are being transformed into a new part of the city with Homes, Shops, Offices, Bars, Restaurants and a Hotel. Hollandia Structures realized the steel constructions for Office Building A1 and a parking for Office Building A2/A3. Horgan’s Quay is cited as one of Ireland’s most spectacular and significant urban redevelopments.

1.030 tons of
13,000m2 Metal deck floors

In order to BAM Ireland Ltd Hollandia Structures realized the steel contructions for the Office Building A1 and the Office Building A2 / A3 parking garage. This includes detail engineering, fabrication and erecting of app. 1,000 tons of steel constructions. The steel constructions are provided with a fire-resistant coating with a fire-resistance of 90 minutes. The detailed engineering, delivery and assembly of approximately 13,000 m2 of metal deck floors is also part of the scope and is carried out in collaboration with Hollandia Industrial.

Cantilevered steel construction

The 8-storey Office Building A1 is being built in the former Horgan’s Quay railway station and has a cantilever hanging from the truss construction at roof level. The building was not scaffolded, but was constructed using frames and aerial platforms. The aerial platforms are each placed one floor up to build the next floor from there. The cantilever is temporarily supported by towers. As soon as the trusses in the roof construction are ready, the towers can be removed.