Steel Construction Agreement - Hollandia

Steel Construction Agreement

Representatives of nearly 30 companies and organizations in and for the Dutch (steel) construction sector signed the Steel Construction Agreement yesterday. Hollandia was also present. This covenant, intended for the entire national steel construction chain, provides for further improvement of the sustainable use of steel in Dutch construction and infrastructure by 2030.

Sustainable use of steel
With the Steel construction agreement, the chain wants to contribute to the (inter)national climate transition by 2030. This agreement sets out the ambitions for reducing CO2 (by at least 60% compared to 1990), expanding the use of renewable energy and energy-saving measures, reducing the environmental impact of substances that pose risks to people and the environment and promoting the reuse of steel objects, components and materials. This applies to the entire steel construction chain in our country.

In addition, the covenant contributes to a better economic and innovative strength of the sector and a greater attractiveness for current and future employees. The Construction Agreement Steel focuses on all applications of steel, both constructive and non-constructive, in the civil engineering and civil engineering sector.

The club of signatories was diverse: from public and private clients and designers to steel builders, traders, producers and suppliers. Tata Steel Netherlands, ArcelorMittal Netherlands, but also Rijkswaterstaat, the Province of Noord-Holland and the Municipality of Amsterdam have put their signatures. All signatories at a glance:

  • Basic industry: Tata Steel Netherlands • ArcelorMittal Commercial Netherlands • SAB Profile;
  • Steel trading companies: Brink Staal • Overdie • Royal Steel Federation;
  • Steel construction companies: Brink Staalbouw • Circular Steel • GB Steel Group • Hollandia • SNS (Samenwerking Nederlandse Staalbouw);
  • Engineering consultancies and knowledge institutions: Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences • cepezedprojects • Arup • Building for Good • Movares Foundation;
  • Public clients: Rijkswaterstaat • Municipality of Amsterdam • Province of North Holland;
  • Private clients: Delta Development Group;
  • Suppliers: Roatcoat • Zinkinfo Benelux;
  • Construction companies: Heijmans;
  • Demolition and dismantling companies: C.A. the Great;
  • Recycling and scrap companies: Overdie Metals Group • PMC (Purified Metal Company).