Special hoisting machine for Mammoet - Hollandia

Special hoisting machine for Mammoet

At Hollandia Systems we are used to build unusual constructions. For our client Mammoet, we made a very special hoisting machine. This installation is used to remove old steam generators from a nuclear power plant. We have never worked for an end customer in the nuclear sector before. It also meant that other requirements were set for the project. Our Project Manager Sander van Leeuwen can look back on a successful project.

Highest safety standards

“On behalf of Mammoet, we supplied the “steelwork” for a hoisting installation that is used by their industrial end customer,” says Sander. “This is a complex machine with hundreds of different parts, some 150 of which are welded partial constructions of various shapes and sizes, partly made of high-strength steel S690. Because the most stringent safety requirements apply in the nuclear energy sector, the work was carried out under strict supervision from the French nuclear sector.”

Perfect execution of welding

“To build the construction as safely as possible, the end customer assigned additional qualifications to our welding work,” Sander continues. “After all, the work had to be performed perfectly. This means that during the construction of the hoisting installation, high requirements applied to our welding quality. Before our qualified welders could ‘really’ get to work, those who are working on this project had to pass a number of successful welding tests. In addition, additional welding surveys took place, both carried out by us and by the end customer, who sent its own welding researchers to our construction site. Inspectors from the end customer were also daily present. In this way, the quality of the installation was well guaranteed.”

Top performance

“It took an enormous alertness and sharpness from everyone to carry out this special project successfully during the entire manufacturing time. I did that in all kinds of ways, but was mainly helped by the craftsmanship and passion of the entire team. We unleashed our skills and knowledge, not only in this project, but in all our projects. The entire manufacturing team, not one exception, can be proud that this installation has been successfully completed. I have already congratulated my colleagues, but I want to do it again. Thank you guys!”