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Exams Hollandia Academy

Last week, the final exams started for the third-year students of the Hollandia Academy. In this practical exam, the students have to make a final product. This takes place in the Hollandia workshop.

On the basis of a drawing, they bring the product to reality. There are two variants of the exam, piece of work A and B. In total, the students have 50 hours to make this piece of work. During these 50 hours, they are monitored by their teachers. At the end of the exam, an external examiner will assess the paper.

These exams are for the students who are being trained to be welders or construction workers. Next week, the last third-year student will take the service technician exam. During this exam, he will have to clean, repair and carefully check a machine.

You can read more about Hollandia Academy on the website.