Inspection railway bridge Akkrum Friesland - Hollandia

Inspection railway bridge Akkrum Friesland

The old railway bridge across the Boarn formed a bottleneck for rail, road and water traffic. The bridge was too low, and has therefore been replaced. As a result, 80% of the ships can pass, and traffic can pass under the bridge. In the meantime, it has been several years since that happened. Now, it is time for a refurbishment. Hollandia Services will inspect the movement work on behalf of ProRail.

The rotating railway bridge is parallel to the river. This provided a solution for a large part of the shipping traffic. Larger boats still have to wait for the bridge to open. After 15 years, the object was in need of some renovation. After an inspection, Hollandia will possibly work on the movement work.

The railway between Zwolle and Leeuwarden is the busiest route to and from Friesland. ProRail is responsible for the railway network in the Netherlands, and therefore also for the bridge.