Hollandia Infra builts 3 steel segment Gates for the new Boston Barrier (UK)

Hollandia Infra has been awarded the contract for the design and delivery of 3 sector gates for the new Boston Barrier in the UK by joint venture Bam Nuttall-Mott MacDonald. This new flood barrier will protect more than 14,000 properties from flooding in the East coast port of Boston in Lincolnshire, during high water.

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British Airways i360 wins 2 structural engineering design awards

Hollandia Infra is proud to announce that the British Airways i360 has won 2 prestigious awards at the Structural Awards 2017 ceremony in London.
The i360 Brighton Tower was winner in the category “Tall or Slender Structures” and of “The Supreme Award for Structural Engineering Excellence”.
We congratulate all partners who worked with us on this eye-catching project!

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Successfull installation of the Ipswich Barrier Rising Sector Gate

The Rising Sector Gate for the new Ipswich Tidal Barrier has been installed by Hollandia Infra this week.
The 192 tons steel structure was transported to site on a small pontoon during high tide and hoisted into its final position by means of a 600 tonne crawler crane.

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Hollandia Offshore and Croonwolter&dros: Powerful offer for offshore wind farms

Hollandia Offshore and Croonwolter&dros: Powerful offer for offshore wind farms
Hollandia Offshore and Croonwolter&dros will from now on be offering operators of offshore wind farms an ‘all-inclusive package. As a collaborative partnership with a wealth experience they can provide specialised steelwork and the appropriate installation technology. In so doing so, they can respond to the market demand for an all-inclusive service. ‘Winner takes all’: the idea that the strongest partnerships succeed in securing get the orders. Thanks to their financial strength, know-how and experience Hollandia and Croonwolter&dros have forged one of the strongest partnerships in the marketplace.

New offshore wind farms are springing up wherever you look around the North Sea and the Baltic. The market is booming and developing rapidly; operators are really getting to grips with the transition towards sustainable energy. Rotterdam-based companies in offshore services and products have a long tradition in gas and oil platforms. ‘A closely-knit ecosystem of suppliers, sub-contractors and service providers has emerged. As all the required specialisations are available close together, this “cluster” can operate very efficiently on the international market,’ explains managing director Nico Noorlander of Hollandia Offshore. ‘As investments in the oil and gas industries have been slashed in the past few years, this sector has focused on foreign offshore wind farms. It has been successful in that respect. Next is the Dutch market, which is seeing substantial growth in that area at the moment.’

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Hollandia Infra to build new Radar Tower in Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam contracted Hollandia Infra to build the new Radar Tower on Maasvlakte 2. The new tower will have a height of about 70 meter.
After a european tender procedure the Rotterdam port authorities selected the sustainable design of Hollandia Infra en architect Syb van Breda.
Hollandia Infra will be main contractor for this challenging project.

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British Airways i360 open

With the delivery of the British Airways i360, Hollandia Infra has added a new iconic steel structure to its track record of eye catching projects in the UK; and a worthy successor to the popular London Eye, opened in 2000.

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IJsei nominated for National Steelprice

Hollandia Structures BV is nominated for the Dutch National Steelprice 2016 with project BusStation IJssei Amsterdam.

The archconstruction with a span of 60 mtr has a length of 360 mtr and is situated between Amsterdam Central Station and the river 'het IJ'.

The structure was erected in 3 phases, the last in 2015.

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Whitechapel Station update

Hollandia Structures has been working on the different phases for the Whitechapel Station (C512) project in London since the beginning of the works in 2013.

In the weekend of 28th of July 2016 another phase was erected successfully by our Everest erection team during the pre-arranged possession hours.

compliments to the team!

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Installation bridge deck "Koningin Maximábrug"

During the last months a lot of work have been done at the Hollandia Infra yard for this special bascule bridge. As partner for civil contractor Mobilis, Hollandia Infra designs and constructs all steel constructions for this hydraulically operated bridge "Koningin Maximábrug across the "oude Rijn" (in Alphen a/d Rijn) .

Architect: Syb van Breda Architects

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Hollandia Offshore B.V. signs Kriegers Flak offshore substations fabrication contract.

On May 31 2016, Hollandia Offshore B.V. and Energinet.dk, the Danish Transmission System Operator, signed the contract for the engineering, procurement and commissioning of the Kriegers Flak substations. The project comprises two unmanned substations which are due for delivery to the installation site in April 2018. Commissioning will take place in April and May of 2018.
The Kriegers Flak substations will be installed in the Danish sector of the Baltic Sea. The wind farm consists of 2 sections, each with its own substation. The west section, Kriegers Flak A, will have a total capacity of 200MW. The east section, Kriegers Flak B, will have a total capacity of 400MW. The Kriegers Flak B substation will also serve as the support for the KFE module which is part of the so called Combined Grid Solution project which is run by Energinet.dk and the German transmission systems operator 50 Hertz. The Combined Grid Solution project is funded with up to EUR 150 million from the European Energy Programme for Recovery.
The scope of works includes transport to the offshore site and commissioning. Hollandia Offshore will undertake the work together with Croonwolter&dros who will be responsible for the design, procurement and installation of the utility systems such as the low voltage systems, the fire fighting systems and the HVAC.
The project will be executed at the yard of Hollandia Offshore in Krimpen aan den IJssel which is situated at the banks of two major rivers, close to the main port of Rotterdam. Most of the fabrication will take place in a controlled workshop environment in one of the recently built fabrication shops.
Nico Noorlander, Managing Director of Hollandia Offshore, states: “We are very pleased that we have been awarded this challenging contract for the Kriegers Flak substations. We are confident that we are able to continue the excellent working relationship with our client Energinet.dk for which we recently delivered the jacket for the Horns Rev C substation.”

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Rising sector gate Ipswich Tidal Barrier (UK)

On the instruction of Joint Venture Volker Stevin-Boskalis-Atkins, Hollandia Infra delivers the steel rising sector gate for the Ipswich Tidal Barrier . The steel weight of this gate amounts to 200 ton.

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Wrapped up and ready to go

- Succesfully load out of Macro Porous Polymer Extraction Unit, on its way to DSME in South Korea!

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Hollandia Infra delivers 7 skids to Frames

In close cooperation with our colleagues from Hollandia Systems and Hollandia Services, Hollandia Infra has fabricated and assembled 7 sets of skids for the FPSO Petrojarl project of Frames bv.
This offshore vessel is refurbished at the Damen shipyard.
(www.frames-group.com / Pictures: Carl Noya)

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Crane jib for the Stanislav Yudin

Finally, after 4 months of hard work, the crane jib of the Stanislav Yudin Main crane left the Hollandia premises, ready to be installed on the vessel.
Due to potential future projects Seaway Heavy Lifting has planned an upgrade of the crane jib by introducing a second Main
Hoist (lifting capacity 1200mt) in between the existing Main Hoist and Auxiliary hoist. In addition to that upgrade the Auxiliary Hoist is upgraded to 750mt (initial limitation at 660mt).
Hollandia Scope of Work is divided into the following separated items:
- Fabrication and assembly of the new Jib (at Hollandia premises);
- Replacement of the Jib assembly on board of HLV Stanislav Yudin at Rhenus Deep Sea Terminal, Port of Rotterdam.
- Certification of the upgraded and replaced Jib assembly according DNV Standard for Certification 2.22 Lifting Appliances, edition 2013.

Delivering according schedule was the main challenge during this project. Leadtime was very critical and all resources were needed to maintain the delivery date. On 20-01-2016 the load-out was planned and on that same day Hollandia received an acceptance from Seaway Heavy Lifting and DNV GL to start with the installation phase.
The installation phase takes maximum 28 days at the Rhenus Deep Sea Terminal at the Port of Rotterdam. Scope of work will be, removal of old jib and installation of new jib in cooperation with Sarens who will perform the lifting operations.
On 19 februari 2016 final approval of the installation is planned.

Hollandia showed her capability to handle and collaborate in a very good manner to reach expected delivery dates and maintain clients satisfactory.

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Sail out of J-lay tower

On Monday 18th of January 2016 the giant C400 J lay tower has sailed out to the port of Blyth in the UK for final completion and commissioning by IHC EB. Hollandia Offshore BV successfully fabricated and assembled the 2000 T tension capacity J lay tower that is built for installation on the Petrofac JSD6000 multi function offshore vessel.

This J lay pipe lay tower certified under highest Lloyds LAME standards is one of the leading designs in the market and involved very complex steel structural welding works combined with highest quality standards and dimensional accuracy. Thanks to great workmanship and the professional project execution all participants can be proud of this excellent result.

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New cyclist and pedestrian bridge across the Thames in Reading

The new Christchurchbridge is a steel cable-stayed bridge with a total length of 122 metres and a clear span of 69 metres. The bridge is carried by a steel pylon with a height of 37 metres. A total of 560 tons of steel were installed. The bridge was manufactured and delivered to the construction site as a “DIY” kit of nine bridge sections, a pylon and five approach slabs.

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Delivery of Hull Connection Beams

Delivery of the Hull Connection Beams for Allseas new platform installation/decommissioning and pipelay vessel Pioneering Spirit !

On 21th of October 2015 the load out of the two 66 meter long and almost 400 tons weighing Hull Connection Beams took place.
The Hull Connection Beams are to connect the two hulls of the Pioneering Spirit, after it has loaded a complete topside for installation or decommissioning offshore.
Hollandia Offshore is proud in the confidence both Allseas and REEL S.A.S. had in Hollandia Offshore to finalized the Hull Connection Beams at our yard in Krimpen aan den IJssel.

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“Dynamic Adjuster Test Frame and Pendulum Weight”

In a relative short construction period starting in June 2015 until delivery on October 20, 2015 the project for Huisman Equipment B.V. is ready.

The project "Dynamic-Adjuster Test Frame and Pendulum Weight" comprised the fitting and welding of the steel parts, the filling of the Pendulum with extra heavy concrete, the complex machining of the bearing seats and preservation.
On October 19, 2015 the last parts were loaded for transport over water to Huisman Équipment B.V. in Schiedam.

This system is intended to show potential customers of Huisman Equipment B.V. the drilling tower in a dynamic test situation to convince them that the new concept "Huisman Drilling Tower" can drill faster and more reliable than the existing derricks.
The system consists of the following parts: 2 hydraulic operated supports, the frame, the pendulum weight and 4 supports for placement on the concrete base.

The assembly weighs 240 T with dimensions of ± 10m x 7m x 7m.

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i360 Tower: 1st succesfull "beach landing" !

The first lot of steel constructions for the i360 Brighton Tower has been succesfully transshipped onto the beach of Brighton during the passed days.
The second "beachlanding", to discharge the remaining elements, is scheduled for week 26.

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Hollandia Offshore to built Horns Rev C Jacket fabrication contract

Energinet.dk, the Danish power transmission company has appointed Hollandia Offshore with the procurement, fabrication, load out and transport of the Horns Rev C Jacket. The Jacket is to be installed in the Horns Rev 3 Offshore wind farm near the Danish Coast. The scheduled delivery date is April 2016.
The Jacket is designed for a water depth of 16.5 meters and has a total structural weight of around 1600 ton. It is designed as a 4 legged space framed Jacket with leg piles. Stability of the jacket during pile driving and grouting is provided by suction cans placed on each corner.
The project will be executed at the yard of Hollandia Offshore in Krimpen aan de IJssel which is situated at the banks of two major rivers, close to the main port of Rotterdam. Most of the fabrication will take place indoors in one of the recently built fabrication shops.
Nico Noorlander, Managing Director of Hollandia Offshore announced: “We are very pleased to receive this award from Energinet. It strengthens the position of Hollandia Offshore as one of Europe’s leading fabricators for offshore structures for the wind industry. We look forward to working together with Energinet on this project and to develop the relationship further for future projects.”

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Hollandia Infra is building a new bridge across Thames.

Recently Hollandia Infra has been awarded the contract for the delivery of a new steel bridge across the Thames in Reading. Client is civil contractor Balfour Beatty.
This new eye cathing stay-cable bridge for cyclists and pedestrians will have a total length of approx. 128m and is supported by a 37m high steel pylon.

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J-lay tower for the Petrofac JSD6000

Hollandia Offshore has been awarded by IHC EB with the contract for the fabrication of the J-lay tower for the Petrofac JSD6000. The scope of work comprises steel procurement, work shop engineering, fabrication, painting, machining and partially outfitting. The tower is nearly 70 meters long and 17 meter wide and when completed weighs approximately 1000 ton. Delivery to IHC EB will be in the second quarter of 2015. This contract adds an new project to the long track list of Hollandia Offshore for high end offshore steel fabrication.

The Petrofac JSD6000 will be available for offshore construction and installation in early 2017. The vessel will be equipped with a J-lay tower, an S-lay stinger and a 5000 ton revolving crane.

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Nieuwe website

Door de reorganisatie bij Hollandia ontstaan er 6 zelfstandige Hollandia BV's. Omdat deze BV's vanaf vandaag ook verantwoordelijk zijn voor de communicatie, heeft Hollandia besloten om te investeren in een nieuwe website.
Deze website is een centrale bron, waarin alle informatie over Hollandia gebundeld is.

Organisatie-wijziging Hollandia

Bij Hollandia heeft een organisatie-wijziging plaatsgevonden. Per 1 januari 2014 gaan de verschillende Business Units verder werken als zelfstandige BV's. Hollandia wordt een sterke alliantie van meerdere zelfstandig opererende bedrijfsonderdelen.